Repository of Advice

Ever been in a situation where you wished you could offer good words and vibes to someone else but are afraid to do so? Ever feel at a loss about what to say to your loved one who is feeling down?

This might be because you are afraid of overstepping boundaries and infringing into another person’s personal life or simply feeling hard to find words to express your concern. However, I believe that art and anonymous acts of kindness can go a long way in helping us realise this is a far less cold and cruel world. Many of us just struggle in finding avenues of expression.

Repository of advice collects good words to be sent out anonymously to others on your behalf to connect your good energies with someone who might be feeling down.


Offer your thoughts


Send Good Vibes Along

Send good words in the direction of someone you are concerned for recently. We believe the smallest acts of care can do a lot in helping to pull us out from the depths of sadness and despair.